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About Us

It quickly became apparent that there were limited options in the UK for timber cladding producers to get their products coated in a controlled factory environment.

CARN Quality Coatings was therefore established to fill this gap in the market and offer a flexible service to coat timber claddings in any volume.

The Delle Vedove Spray Paint Line installed in our factory is a purpose made machine to apply a range of coatings either by a low or high pressure pump depending on the viscosity of the product to be applied. It has an inline de-nibber ensuring excellent product adhesion between coats.

The staff at CARN Quality Coatings are highly trained in the application of the different products offered and the process we operate has been successfully audited and approved on a number of occasions by various paint manufacturers.

In addition to coloured cladding there has also been huge increase in demand for Fire Retardant cladding where required by Building Regulations. CARN Quality Coatings is a preferred supplier and applicator of this product and the factory application by CARN Quality Coatings achieves Euroclass B-s1-d0 on a wide range of popular species used in the UK for timber cladding. There are more details on this site.

In addition to our extensive knowledge of coatings and their application, the staff at CARN Quality Coatings after many years working in the timber trade, are also able to offer expert advice on the suitability of timber substrates with the various coating our customers ask us to apply.